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Lori Guptill

Practice Manager

Lori is a certified medical assistant who has worked in the field of Dermatology since 2007. Prior to Dermatology, she worked as a medical assistant in the Family/Internal Medicine specialties for 5+ years. She also has an impressive 10+ year career as a firefighter/EMT before entering the field of medicine. As the Practice Manager of Madrona Dermatology, Lori has made Dr. Dick’s practice run smoothly for over 12 years. Lori loves hiking, mountain climbing, camping and Crossfit. She is married with 3 kids and a grandson. She values time spent with family and friends.


Christina Shaw

Medical Receptionist

Christina has been involved in healthcare for 15+ years. She worked as a certified medical assistant for over 5 years and then as a medical receptionist, first in a fast-paced Gynecology office and then in a busy Radiology practice. Christina is highly organized and excellent at multi-tasking, however, her favorite part about working in Healthcare is making patients smile. Christina grew up in a military family and has lived all over the country and the world. She has been married for over 22 years and, together with her husband, she has one son and one daughter. She enjoys spending time with family and friends…and gardening.

Wendy Cornell

Customer Service Representative

Wendy has worked in the medical field for 30+ years and with Dr. Dick for over 12 years. She is well versed in the language of medical institutions and insurances, and seems to navigate the ever-changing landscape of medicine with ease. Wendy is a dedicated patient advocate…the patient is Wendy’s number one priority. Wendy grew up in Lake Forrest Park. She is married and has 3 wonderful (adult) kids and 3 adorable grandchildren. She enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities. She also loves getting together with family and friends, as well as curling up and reading a good book.

Sarah Cornell, MA-C

Medical Assistant

Sarah is a certified medical assistant who has been working in healthcare for 9+ years. Prior to joining the field of Dermatology, she spent majority of her time in Family Practice and Internal Medicine. Working with a different doctor everyday, she learned how to easily adapt to new environments. She is a quick learner and always willing to help when a patient or colleague is in need. Everyone, providers and patients alike, love Sarah. Her passion for the medical field continues to grow and she plans to become a physician’s assistant. When Sarah is not at work, she enjoys spending time outdoors and being with her adorable son, family, and friends.

Ashley Larsen, MA-C

Medical Assistant

Ashley has worked as a certified medical assistant for 10+ years. She has experience in both Family Practice and Internal Medicine, as well as over 8 years of experience in Dermatology.

Ashley grew up in Monroe. Her greatest joy is her son, Clayton.

She has a love for gummy Lifesavers. Her favorite color is yellow. On the weekends, you can find her spending time with their friends and family or at a sporting event for her son. She loves barbecuing and spending the day exploring Seattle. She also sneaks off to spend as much time as possible with your nephew…she loves being an auntie!

Alicia DeMeerleer, MA-C

Medical Assistant

Alicia is a licensed medical assistant. She discovered her affinity for helping others while she was caring for her grandmother. Realizing her talents could be used in the medical field, she started the 2 year medical assistant training program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology and was placed with Madrona Dermatology to fulfill her externship and complete her certification. She excelled during her training program and was a conscientious and dedicated extern. In March 2017, she joined the Madrona Dermatology team as a licensed medical assistant and continues to always strive for the best. Alicia, a native Washingtonian, enjoys spending time with her loved ones and wearing her Crocs. She is a homebody at heart. She has the keen ability to read body language, stemming from her being a lover of horses (and a practicing farrier!). Some of her favorite pastimes include listening to music, drawing, cycling, and being outdoors.

Gipsy Verbeek, MA-C

Medical Assistant

Gipsy Verbeek is a certified medical assistant. She previously worked as a certified nurse assistant for 3 years, caring for an elderly couple in assisted living. When presented with a task, she puts her nose to the grind stone and gives 110% effort. She is also bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English. In her off time she enjoys spending time hiking with her husband and regularly going to the gym. She also has an ever-expanding love for house plants.

Madeline Graham, LME

Master Aesthetician

Madeline Graham has been a licensed Master Aesthetician for 5 years. She loves working with people and educating her patients about “everything skin”…skin health, anti-aging, skin problems and skin treatments. She is passionate about having people look and feel their best!

Madeline excels in both corrective and preventative procedures. She works with lasers, microneedling techniques, PRP and chemical peels to improve the appearance of the skin and to treat skin conditions such as pigmentation (dark spots), telangiectasia and angiomas (red spots), acne, rosacea, leg veins, unwanted hair, stretch marks, scars and signs of sun damage/aging.

She is experienced in assessing the aging face and in recommending the best skin care regimens and cosmetic procedures for each individual patient’s unique needs.

Madeline has lived all over the world including Africa, Guatemala, Germany and Hong Kong. Because of her travels and world-wide experiences, she has developed a wonderful ability to connect with people of various backgrounds and cultures. She is compassionate, patient-focused and strives to achieve each patient’s goals!



Licensed and Certified Pet Therapy Specialist

Peanut is Madrona Dermatology’s licensed and certified pet therapy specialist. She is skilled at the art of lounging around and loving on humans. With 10 years of experience, she is especially qualified at bringing a smile to someone’s face. She enjoys slow walks and eating roasted chicken. She is available upon request.