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At Madrona Dermatology, we see patients of all ages and provide the full spectrum of dermatology care, including medical, surgical, and cosmetic.

All biopsy/tissue specimens obtained from you during your visit at Madrona Dermatology are sent to Inform Diagnostics for processing and diagnosis. Inform Diagnostics is a leading, national pathology laboratory with a team of skilled dermatology-specific pathologists, consultants and experts who provide the highest quality, academic-based, diagnostic services possible.

To maximize the the safety and efficiency of  the dermatology care we provide, Madrona Dermatology utilizes one of the best electronic health record (EHR) systems in the industry: EMA.  EMA allows for reduction in record-keeping/charting errors, electronically sends prescriptions to your pharmacy, gives you access to the Patient Portal where you can view your lab results, medications, dermatology history and treatments. The EMA Patient Portal also lets patients ask medical questions through a HIPAA-secure site.

Madrona Dermatology is happy to offer high quality skin care products for purchase including sunscreens, cleansers, acne treatments, antioxidants, self-tanning towelettes, and corrective creams/serums for dark spots, blemishes and wrinkles.